Racial inequality and injustice remain prevalent in the 21st Century - this is unacceptable and needs to be actively challenged in order for change to occur. Sion Hill supports the current movement for equality and justice and feel it neccessary that we do our part (be it small) in backing this important cause. 100% of profits from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to the Philadelphia Equal Justice Center, this print features no branding in order to ensure that the focus is on the issues at hand, not our company. We implore everyone to continue the fight for equality and justice. The design is taken from poster artwork produced by Zash M.J.B in the 1970s inspired by the Black Power movement, whilst the text is inspired by the 1960s slogan which young people adopted as a form of rebellion against the oppressive Establishment. The design and slogan embody the view that change doesn’t stop here, we must continue into the future to push for a more just society. The Philadelphia Equal Justice Center is our charity of choice due to both personal connections to the city and as the centre “embodies the community’s commitment to the promise of equality under law”, with a focus on access to justice for all by providing “low-cost legal and social services” for those who need them most. The centre aims to achieve fair treatment for all in our shared society. https://www.philaequaljusticecenter.org

Power To The People

  • 100% Cotton